Saturday, May 20, 2006

Keeping us laughing.

I had Lily in the front seat with me while I waited for the kids. I looked over and saw her making faces at herself in the mirror - luckily I had the camera with me!


Cole has a lot of fun trying different jumps into the pool. I am not sure which is more fun for him - doing the jump or seeing himself in the pictures afterwards!

Pool Girl.

Lauren REALLY wants to make the summer swim team this year so for the past couple of days she has been practicing. She is doing well but to make the team you have to be able to swim the length of a Jr. Olympic swimming pool w/o stopping. (At this point I'm not sure I could do that :) The try outs are next week, if determination is enough to get her across the pool then she will definitely make it!

First Swim.

Lily loved the pool. It was a bit chilly (despite the fact that it was 97 degrees outside) but it really didn't phase her at all. I tried to have her sit in her little inner tube but she would have none of that. She wanted to be out with the big kids!

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Silly Lily

Over the past couple weeks Lily has become a real ham! She laughs and smiles all the time. Just this past week she started climbing the stairs - we were all shocked to see her smiling and laughing from the fourth stair! She was quite proud of herself.

Finally Five!

It seems like Lauren has been talking about turning five forever - now it's finally happened and she says she doesn't feel any different. I told her to add a 3 to the front of the 5 and she would definitely feel different! She wanted to spread her birthday out for weeks, between bringing treats for both of her pre-school classes, having a family party, a friend party and receiving presents in the mail it did actually last for what seemed like weeks! She is sure a sweet little girl!

Mozart in the making.......

The school requires that grades 1-4 take strings class. Cole choose the violin (luckily for me it wasn't the bass). Although he doesn't readily admit it, he is actually quite good, especially considering the amount of practice he doesn't do. They memorized several songs for the concert and sounded suprisingly good for their age. Lauren is excited to be a first grader so that she can play too!

Music Program

Cole recently had his end of year music program, their music teacher "Mr. Yoder" is a favorite of everyone and I believe he must work some sort of magic (either that or he threatened to flunk him) because he was able to get Cole to sing - which is a miracle in itself. If you look REAL CLOSE you can see Cole's chin and mouth three rows back.

Play Dead.

Whenever Bentley gets held like this he just flops back and it looks like he is dead. Cole gets a real kick out of it!

Bentley's First Haircut

Bentley was so embarrassed when we came to pick him up from his first haircut. It took him a few days to recover. The kids thought he looked better before his haircut when you couldn't see his eyes.