Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Longhorn Cave

I'm not too sure why this cave was called "longhorn" - other than the fact that we are in Texas, more specifically we were in Austin. Home of the University of Texas Longhorns - college football champs last year! Hook 'em horns!! Ok, that was just a little side note. The cave was really cool (temperature too - it was a chilly 68 degrees inside versus a balmy 95 degrees outside). The picture really doesn't do it justice, we were 35 feet underground at one point and walking through a passage that you had to stoop down to get through. It proved to be a bit of a workout carrying Lily. The kids had fun exploring the cave with their cousins. There were several interesting facts that the guide told us (none of which I can remember) the only thing that stuck with me is that they have weddings and concerts in the cave - evidently the possibilities are endless, strange as it may seem.

Friday, June 16, 2006

Dancing Diva

Lauren had her second dance recital this week. She
is definately in her element on the stage, there were
no worries of her suffering from stage fright. She did a
great job on her dances, we were proud of her!

Daddy Daughter Dance

This is the 2nd year Lauren has been able to talk
Ty into doing the Daddy Daughter Dance with her
at the Dance Recital. This year they danced to
"Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" and boy did they
have a fun time!!

Carseat Cutie!

When we moved Lily to her "big girl" carseat
she was very happy to be facing forward. Most
of the time when she gets sleepy she can be
found with her blankie in her hand and her
thumb in her mouth.

I can't be accused of being Brittany Spears
now - here's the evidence.

Clark Cousins

We were all excited to welcome the newest Clark
Cousin to the family. Adam is one month old in
this picture and he sure is cute!

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Look who's One!

As you can tell, the cake was definately Lily's
favorite thing. Clearly she is my daughter!

Birthday Girl

Lily got this little walker for her birthday.
She was quite proud of herself when she realized
that she could make it all around the house by
herself. Well almost by herself - Bentley was close
by her side.