Monday, April 24, 2006

Seaworld San Antonio

Seaworld San Antonio

We went down to Seaworld with some friends of ours who live in Austin. It was still a little chilly out but it didn't phase the kids, they still wanted to sit in all of the splash zones. They were quickly over ruled on that idea. Lily was a real trooper (or should I say that I was a real trooper :) she rode in the backpack all day and fell asleep in it too. I did get lots of comments on her "texas sized" bow. Hey its true what they say, everything is bigger in Texas!


The VIVA! show was everyone's favorite. It was so amazing.



My Mom and Todd were here two weeks ago. Todd is big into fishing, he got the kids poles and we all went to the lake. Unfortunately, we didn't catch any fish but we did have a fun time.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Lily at the Lake

Although it may look like I am torturing Lily, she had a great time dipping her toes in the water.


This was Lily's first Easter, more importantly it was a prime opportunity to find the girls matchy dresses. I had to pull Cole into the color scheme with a pink shirt too. Lucky for me, pink seems to be an acceptable color for boys right now.

Bentley Boy


This is the newest member of the family! We got him one month ago and I have been cleaning up #1 and #2 ever since. I got desperate enough and took a puppy potty training class which seems to be helping. Luckily I have another year before I have to tackle potty training Lily.

Bentley (named by Cole) is a sweet little guy. Everyone loves him - well except for Ty who is still in denial that we have a dog in the house. He only had one pet growing up, well that is if you count a lizard as a pet!

Cole and Bentley

Four kids