Friday, October 27, 2006

So many hair little time!

In an effort to make Cole feel better about his hair - our good friend Huy (wee) put together some choices for Cole. Maybe after seeing them he will be elated about his current cut!! TOO FUNNY and WAY scary. Perfect for Halloween! :) Thanks Huy.
Cole with Ty's hair

Cole with Lily's Hair

Cole with Lauren's hair

Cole with my Hair

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Major blog-a-thon!

Short and Sweet (and in order):
1. Sad day for the Clark kids (and me too) - Bentley got ran over by a car.
2. Happy day for Courtney - she won Homecoming Princess for Sophomore Class.
3. Pre-season Mavs game - fun picts with the MavsMan!
4. Before Cole's haircut - a rash decision he made while we drove home from school - in hind sight I should have made him wait a
week until after school pictures.
5. After Cole's haircut - he pronounced that he could no longer look in the mirror - he liked it better before.
6. Bernard Francis Gira "BF" - My grandpa passed away at the age of 89 - it was a sad time for us. Cole says BF will be busy taking
care of Bentley. I didn't have the heart to break it to him that there were likely higher priorities in heaven than Bentley.
7. Happy Birthday to Tyrus - we didn't dare count candles this year, but we did have a fun time!
8. BYU vs TCU - we rounded up all the BYU paraphanalia we could find and had a grand 'ole time. Even better -
the Cougars came through with a win for us!
9. Kim and I - every time we are together we get asked at least a handful of times if we are sisters - guess you can see why.
10. Shawn Bradley sighting - I couldn't talk anyone into getting closer than this - chickens! (guess that would include me too)
11. John Michael Montgomery - horrible picture - bad entertainer - fun time anyways!