Sunday, September 23, 2007're not hullucinating.

I have finally succumb to the pressure everyone has put on me to update my blog. I did try to talk several people into just updating for me but, alas, here I am posting. I do appreciate all the people who bugged me to update (even though it didn't really work) and I appreciate Nalani's personal goal setting service (she called on more than one occasion to tell me that my goal for the week was to update my blog). I still live by Sarah's theory not to set goals that are too lofty b/c it will only result in a loss of self esteem when I fail to achieve them.

What helped more than anything was Ty locating the cord that connects from the computer to the camera - I hadn't downloaded anything since May.

I am beginning think that seasonal posts are more do-able for me. Since it is now officially Fall (and since I haven't posted since spring) - the time has come to do a little posting. If the stars align I may even post 2x's in one season.

The kids started school in the end of August. Lauren is in First Grade this year and Cole is in Third Grade. Depending on the day you ask them, they really like school. I am not sure I agree with them as the evening homework probing/prodding is already getting old. I am working hard at teaching the kids to take ownership of their school work. It was going well (or so I thought)until Thursday evening when Cole announced that his Unit of Inquiry project was due the next morning - he (loosly put) was able to get it done at ohh, around 11:30pm. Fun times!

Lily has a little playgroup (she calls it "school") that she goes to 3 days a week for 3 hours at a time. She really loves it (and so do I) and it has helped her with her separation anxiety. She will now also go to nursery on her own and actually looks forward to it! For us this was a BIG step! :)

Here are some pictures of the "First Day of School" (again, loosley put as they were actually taken about a week ago). I put in a picture of Cole on his birthday so you could see how his hair was just before school started. His teacher asked that he get it cut so that he would be in complaince with the dress code (which is what I was waiting for b/c I knew it would be better coming from his teacher than me).